Interview with Mistress Inna

Interview with Mistress Inna

Mistress Inna, 28, tells us about her beginnings in domination, her experience and reveals herself in a series of questions that we asked her.

Hello, what do submissives call you?

Mistress Inna

How old are you and where do you live?

I am 28 years old, I live in Aquitaine

When and how did you start in the SM world?

I’ve been in this business for 5 years now, I started with a friend who was an escort, completely the opposite of me. We had known each other for a very long time. Long before his activities. She said to me one day “But damn you’re a Domina you !! Your Russian origins, your eyes that kill known to all, you are tall, thin, strong, we have to do something together ! ” And we did 🙂

Were you nervous before entering this environment?

At the beginning we were two girls: my girlfriend, little devil temptress, and me, the relentless punisher. I felt that stuff right away, I was myself, it was ME, I wasn’t playing a game. And yes of course the first few times I was nervous

And nothing put you off when you started? Did you go straight from the start?

Not exactly, some practices with my friend did not suit me, with which I was not suited. Hence the end of our collaboration a little later …


For example?

She was very into strap-on at first with submissives, it took me a while to get used to it even though now fisting is a practice of mine. Otherwise I found her too nice to the submissives, it stuffed me, finally we were there to dominate them not to make friends / friends with them

What usually happens in one of your sessions?

If he’s a novice I gauge him, I observe him, I make him uncomfortable and in condition to have a hold on him. Each session is totally different, it all depends on the person in front of me. That’s why I really like having a dialogue before the meeting. You should know that I learned to love fetishism by practicing it. I like that my feet are taken care of mmmmm … I love that the submissive undresses sheepishly. I am very observant. I also love when he opens the door and finds the Goddess that I am (smile). I feel the astonishment, the subjugation in his eyes. Otherwise, my favorite practices are trampling, ballbusting, candle wax which I particularly like  ❤ , whipping, humiliation, worship, fetishism, plug, fisting, clamps, nettles, petplay, man object, paddle, spanking, the burn with my long cigarette smoke and the scenarios that I find terribly exciting etc … So many things you see lol

What is the duration of a session in general?

Usually 1 hour or less if I’m not having fun. After all depends on whether the submissive interests me or not, I do not play the watch. But I am not a “session” only Dominatrix, the submissives belonging to me and that I have selected, I frequent them outside and I dialogue a lot with them, whether in session or on the Internet.

How can your submissives find you? Do you have a lot of married men or couples who contact you?

I’d say half / half and they know how to find me don’t worry about that. I have a Facebook, I post ads but in the end I sort a lot because I get a lot of fancy requests

Yes I guess, where are the sessions? At your home?

Not at home. The only submissive allowed to come is my oldest submissive, whom I have complete confidence in. Otherwise the sessions take place at the hotel plus I love hotels

Is your activity risky sometimes? Have you ever had problems with some submissives?

Yes I think it’s risky even though I’ve never asked anyone to come with me. I have … my own protections. It is true that some submissives have already made me uncomfortable, I felt them unstable, but I show them nothing, neither doubt nor apprehension

Do they confide in you a lot? About their problems, their desires?

Yes, some confide in a lot, others less, they like to decompress and satisfy their true being generally

Are your relatives aware of your activity?

Yes some

Do you have a fiancé? And if so, is he aware of your activity?

No I don’t have a man and I don’t want to burden myself with it

At least it’s clear. What advice would you give to girls wanting to enter this industry?

Let them not force themselves, we are born domineering, we do not become. Basically I’m in dog training, that’s true lol and if you don’t have the character to subdue a man, he will feel it. A girl who dominates for pleasure and not just for the money, it is immediately felt

Is domination profitable?

OBVIOUSLY. In any case, it gives me a lot, in terms of money, of course, but above all in sensations. It’s like a drug, but a good one!

Before concluding, what question would you not like me to ask you?

Hmm… My personal details maybe?

I will ask you for them outside the interview so … Thank you Mistress Inna for answering the questions.

Interview carried out on 04/27/2018 for the site

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