These men who literally want to live like dogs

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A remarkable behind-the-scenes look at the hidden world of human pups: a secretive subculture of men who dress and behave like dogs. Why do they covet doggy ...

For the past fifteen years, the “Human Pups” community has continued to expand thanks to the internet.

When you see them for the first time, it’s hard to hide your fascination with their way of life. Who are these men who one day decided to dress and behave like dogs? Where do they come from? What are their networks? This is what the authors of the documentary Secret Life of the Human Pups , aired on May 25, 2016 on the UK channel Channel 4.

The “puppy play” (or animal role play) comes from the community BDSM and its number of followers has exploded over the past fifteen years thanks to the internet, which has allowed people with the same type of desire to get in touch. On his site, the Guardian explains that this group is rather made up ” of men, homosexuals, who like to dress in leather, to wear dog head hoods, tactile interactions like petting the stomach or tickling the ears, having fun with toys, eating from bowls and nurturing relationships with human “masters.” We can also add to the list the fact that some also like to pretend to urinate against lampposts or hopping around asking for treats.

The Guardian journalist met Tom, a fan of puppy play, who defends this lifestyle for its simple: “You don’t have to worry about money, food or work. It’s just a chance to enjoy the company of others on a very simple level. ” To come to terms with his new life, he broke up with his fiancée and started a relationship with Colin, his new master he met online.

Not necessarily sexual

Kaz, another follower, answers the diary’s questions about the purely sexual part, especially about her leather outfit which intrigues many:

“People immediately think this is the outfit I wear for sex. I’ve been asked horrible questions before, especially if I like to have sex with dogs. But it’s not about any of that, and it’s not always sexual. With the members of my pack we spend a lot of time together at home just being dogs. We are nine and my partner is our teacher. A lot of it is a feeling of belonging to a family; we are there to take care of each other. ”

The NEPups site also writes that “it is not necessarily sexual, but that it can be for some, and for others it is a question of freeing the animal part which is in oneself”.

But how do you explain that these people one day decide to be a pet? For David, an academician and member of this community, it is a “pre-operational, preconscious” mode. “It’s an instinctive emotional space, he explains. In every pooch, there is a person. It’s part of who I am, but only part of it. I am also a vegetarian, I play the piano, I have a parrot. I was planting tomatoes in my plot this morning. I can live for months without going to my puppy play space. ” And that’s also why the Channel 4 documentary was made: to fight against clichés and show that the members of this community are people like other people.

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