Who are you Poopea? – Interview

Who are you Poopea? – Interview

Long black hair, an arch to fall backwards, this is Poopea the new rising porn star. She loves sex and consumes it without moderation. She is kind enough to confide in an interview and answers straightforward to our few questions …

Hello Poopea, how old are you and where are you from?

I am 26 years old and a few months old and I come from “La Terre du Sourire” (Land of Smile): Thailand.

How and why did you decide to enter the porn industry?

I have been in Modeling for 3 years. I was doing Shooting as an erotic model in the field of “Artistic Nude” and I had more and more requests from the porn industry. Since I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and love sex, I thought it was about time I gave this industry a try.

How did you find your artist name?

My artist name has been just my nickname since I was a kid, it’s a common name in South East Asia but it’s quite misinterpreted by Americans and considered “dirty”. It is simply a ph艙netic pronunciation of “doll” in French. However for Americans I use another name: Polly Pons.

When did you lose your virginity?

Do my fingers matter or not (laughs)? More seriously around my 16th birthday.

Is there a nice story behind it?

Nothing special to be honest a love of youth and here I am a woman now!

What do you like sexually? What makes Poopea wet?

I like to dominate and lead, it turns me on! Then, I like men with a beautiful figure, for sure I will get wet easily !!! And if they know how to use their fingers, it won’t be wet … but a fountain!

How was your first scene? Were you intimidated? Nervous? Excited?

My first scene was actually amateur. I thought it was better to start with this type of scene because if I wanted to stop there there wouldn’t be too much exposure. And guess what? It was a good sexual experience! I was a little intimidated of course but not too much either and the actor was really sweet and charming to me. What if I was excited? Oh yeah ! 1 hour of hot sex is exciting;)

What is your favorite position?

No doubt about my partner and the position of the spoon.

Do you swallow?

Yes sometimes when I’m really horny and want to drive my partner really crazy.

What have you learned about yourself sexually since you joined the porn industry?

That’s a pretty question. I learned a lot of things starting with knowing my body and my pleasure, then I learn a lot about men’s bodies and how to steer them the right way.

The secret to being a great pornstar?

Give it to me if you know because I am not yet!

What’s the worst and the best thing about being a porn actress?

So far I have only had good experiences and I can’t complain: I travel, I meet new people, I have sex, what more?

What do you like outside of filming? What are your hobbies and interests?

You will be surprised but I love cooking and gardening! Yes really.

Will you give me your personal phone number after the interview?

You already have my Facebook, is that not enough?

Okay ok 馃檨 … And how can the fans contact you?

The best way to follow me and share my privacy is to join the site: onlyfans.com/poopea

Thank you Poopea for your kindness and for agreeing to answer our questions, we wish you much happiness for the future!

Interview conducted in English on 06/28/2018

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